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Category Archives: Digital Imaging

Sisyfos – by Mats Bäcker

After studying Digital Imaging (at Stockholm School of Photography) for almost two years now, I´ve learned a lot about things like printing, retouch, color correction and sharpening. And while in school, almost everything is perfect and adjusted for its exact purpose. But that´s not really how it is in “real life”. Most of the time...

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Wedding prints!

I´ve told you before about how much I love big prints. And now when I know how to do it all the way, all by myself, I love it even more!! This week I did a biiig (100x150cm) print for Joakim and Patricia, whose lovely wedding I shot earlier this year (you can see all...

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Interesting, inspiring and busy days

I´m so happy to do exactly what I´m doing these days! Right now there is a lot of things happening and it´s very inspiring and educational. For those of you who do not know, I’m (except photographing) studying Digital Imaging at Fotoskolan STHLM, and we have many projects going on. For example, one upcoming exhibition...

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Mats Bäcker

Earlier this year, me and some friends from school had an exhibition at Galleri Dobre, here in Stockholm. The theme was  black and white, and I edited some pictures taken by Mats Bäcker. And a few weeks after the exhibition, Mats asked me if I want to do my upcoming 10 weeks of internship with...

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Product photography

Today and yesterday has been some really interesting days in the studio. We have been practicing product photography together with Love Lannér, which also includes “some” retouch! The first picture is taken with my iPhone – to show you the set from the studio, the second one is the raw-image, and the third one is...

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