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Coffee table books

In these digital days, photos quite often seem to be left on a dvd in some drawer somewhere. That why I always recommend, together with your digital files, also ordering a coffee table book and/or prints! It´s a great way to be reminded of those beautiful moments almost every day (and not just accidently finding...

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Happy Birthday!

Today is a special day. It´s my dear friend Therese´s birthday! At home, wishing that I could be with her today, I remembered that I had some pics from this summer. This is her and one of her loves – Selma! Thabi ♥ Tessan! This first one is a little creepy, but great fun, so...

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Welcome little Mr.

The new family member that I wrote about here two weeks ago, has now arrived! Do I have to tell you that I think he is adorable and cutest of the cute? :) And hey, don´t blame me for putting him in the firewood basket – it was my sisters idea! ;)

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Awaiting a new family member!

My sister and her boyfriend Daniel is awaiting a little baby and will soon be a family! Can´t wait until him/her is out! And sis, I have a few days off in the middle of October, so please try and get him/her out around those dates ;)

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In a few days I’m hopefully gonna find some time to show you the pictures from Isabelles baptism that I had the honor of photographing on May 1st. But until then – here´s some superdupercute pictures of her from a sunny (and flowery) spring day here in Stockholm!

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