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    travel for work and inspiration. Beyond weddings, I also do corporate & editorial photography. Please check out the
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The Real Group – with Mats Bäcker

Here´s just a small update to let you know that I´m still alive, and doing what I like the most – shooting and editing! ♥ My internship with photographer Mats Bäcker still goes on, and we are doing lots of interesting and inspiring shoots! Last week Mats shot portraits and livephotos for a few different...

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Big size prints!

It´s always great fun to see pictures in big sizes, and especially when they are your own! This picture was taken at the recording of the music video to Wayne Beckfords song “Dynamite”, and is now decoration at the music store 4sound.

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Another kind of Ash

Since ash has been something most people (at least in Europe) have been talking about lately… This is Ash Grunwald! Another Australian artist that I really like. Click here to listen to his music from the new album “fish out of water”.

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Angry Anderson

I really do love wedding photography with all the love and emotions around it, and because of that I guess some might think it´s a bit strange that I also just looove hard rock and rock n´roll. But for me it´s just another thing that makes me really, really happy. These pictures of the Australian...

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