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    travel for work and inspiration. Beyond weddings, I also do corporate & editorial photography. Please check out the
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What´s up?

What´s up is that it´s been a very looong winter and I´m finally feeling a little bit more alive again!! In December and January I took some weeks off for recovery after a planned foot surgery. In February I started renovating my flat and also got the flu + a “normal” cold for totally 4...

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A few days off in Berlin

By this time one week ago, me and some friends had just arrived to Berlin. 5 days of hanging out, visiting museums and meeting photographers. Just what I needed! Sometimes it just feels so good shooting “without purpose”, not working. It doesnt happen very often these days, but I really need to do more of...

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Näset, Hammarstrand

Last week I took a few days off, and 2 dear friends of mine came over from the UK. Together we went up to the north of Sweden – where I grew up. It´s been a long time since I laughed as much as I did during those days – thank you Laura and Charl...

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Happy Birthday!

Today is a special day. It´s my dear friend Therese´s birthday! At home, wishing that I could be with her today, I remembered that I had some pics from this summer. This is her and one of her loves – Selma! Thabi ♥ Tessan! This first one is a little creepy, but great fun, so...

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Happy New Year!

I just got back to Stockholm after spending christmas with my family up north, and before heading out for another few days off (with friends in England – yey!), I just wanted to WISH YOU ALL a Happy New Year!! I´ll be back on Monday January 3rd, and will answer all your email as soon...

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